Top Seal Packaging Machine

Relevant Instructions
Max. Product Size
Min. Product Size
  • Servo motor
    4 sets
  • Touch
  • SUS
  • Memory
  • 100 sets of packaging parameters can be memorized, saved, and editable.
  • Parameter settings, alarm message, and packing counting all are displayed on touch screen
  • Box-motion end sealing structure. Max. packing height is 100mm.
  • End sealing height is adjustable depending on the height of products.
  • Packaging length displayed.
  • All surfaces in contact with product are stainless steel SUS#304.
  • Individual center-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller.
  • Touch screen operation interface.
  • Individual cutting position adjustment.
  • Counter displayed for packing quantity.
  • No product no pack function.
  • Equipped with photocell system to reduce the waste of film.
  • Gusset function for optional device.
  • Suitable for fit packaging design products.