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The service range of packaging machine manufacturer Tai Dragon is wide to meet any need for flexible packaging for food and non-food applications. As one of the professional packaging machinery suppliers, we offer medium-size and large bakeries a range of auto packing machinery that are flexible and can change the format in a matter of minutes. For example, Horizontal packaging machinery is easy to sanitize and use and does not require special maintenance operations. If you need further info, contact your reliable packaging machinery manufacturers at any time.

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  • The horizontal flow wrapping machine is one of the classic flow wrappers which can produce packs sealed on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film - including the process of feeding, separating, and sealing the product.
  • Full servo carton box packing machine acquires pillow-pack style packing from the flat reel of heat-sealable packing material.
  • Top Seal series is a Servo controlled wrapper packing machine with bottom reel that produces pillow packs with three seals, from a reel of heat sealable wrapping material.
  • The automated feeding system is designed to provide high flexibility in terms of pack configurations, widely applied to automated packaging machines and related machinery. In this field, Tai Dragon packaging machinery suppliers offer 2 types of automatic feeding machines for customers to choose from.
  • The Continuous bag sealing machine is ideal for high volume packaging and sealing thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, plastic-lined, foil and gusseted bags of almost any size or length. Operating speeds can be set lower or higher without wear to the sealer.
  • Machines from Tai Dragon carton packing machine manufacturer are entirely made with double balcony construction, designed around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics, and maximum efficiency in a small footprint. Thanks to the state of art engineering design, the carton box packing machine is fit for a wide range of carton sizes.