Leading Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer : Tai Dragon

Tai Dragon Machinery flow wrapping flow wrapper manufacturer is headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan. We specialize in designing, constructing, and marketing approximately 30 models of horizontal flow wrappers, alongside an array of associated equipment tailored for customized installations since 1989.

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  • Tai Dragon machinery is one of the best packaging machine manufacturers in Taiwan. There are various sectors currently using Tai dragon automated packaging machines. For instance, the food industry, including bakery, biscuits, confectionery, baked pies, instant noodles, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, sauces, liquid, powder as well as the other non-food industries such as pharmaceuticals, napkins, stationery, screws.
  • Tai Dragon’s automated packaging machines can produce different types of packaging and provide various cutting-edge solutions suitable for any diverse demands and applications. We provide all kinds of bags for food packaging machines or any auto packaging machines.
  • The service range of packaging machine manufacturer Tai Dragon is wide to meet any need for flexible packaging for food and non-food applications. As one of the professional packaging machinery suppliers, we offer medium-size and large bakeries a range of auto packing machinery that are flexible and can change the format in a matter of minutes. For example, Horizontal packaging machinery is easy to sanitize and use and does not require special maintenance operations. If you need further info, contact your reliable packaging machinery manufacturers at any time.

Your Best Flow Wrap Packing Machine Solutions

Our versatile flow wrappers are suitable for diverse packaging needs across the food industry, encompassing items like cookie wrapping machines, bakery packaging machines, vegetable packing machines, and non-food sectors such as cutlery and stationery. Our flow wrappers streamline workflows intelligently, cutting out redundant tasks and enabling operators to save valuable time. Our technical department comprises exceptionally skilled engineers and designers renowned for their innovation, customization expertise, and machine performance. Whenever there's a packaging requirement, Tai Dragon, the leading flow wrapper manufacturer, stands ready to be your ideal partner.