Hong Kong style moon cakes automated packaging machines

Every year before Mid-Autumn Festival, it is always the busiest time for Tai Dagon Machinery. To ensure that the customer's machine can maintain the same high quality when the production volume is maximum, we help customers maintain the machine from time to time as a packaging machinery supplier. The eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival is also the time when the Bakery packaging machine orders the most.

One day, we received a call from Hong Kong, saying that they had talked to us at the Hong Kong International Bakery Expo before, and now they want to buy a packaging machine, and they specifically called from Hong Kong to inquire. We were surprised and delighted because it was five years ago since we went to Hong Kong to hold an exhibition. After that, we used video calls with customers in Hong Kong to introduce our new plant, machinery, and company environment, so that they could understand us better. We knew from the phone that customers currently have their shops in Hong Kong and then provide pastries to several well-known five-star hotels. The production is getting bigger and bigger, so packaging machines are needed to increase production capacity and packaging efficiency. Currently, in Hong Kong, the only options for buying a packaging machine are those from China or Japan, and there is no medium-priced packaging machine option. At this time, Tai dragon’s automated packaging machines perfectly caters to the needs of customers. The price is not too high, but the quality is particularly good. After many phone calls and our professional introduction, Hong Kong client placed orders with us. At this time, the Mid-Autumn Festival was only one and a half months away. We had to deliver it to the customer after the production test machine within one month. This seemingly impossible task was still completed by us.

Tai Dragon’s mooncake automated packaging machine has many functions. In addition to easy operation and simple maintenance, we also have memory parameters, touch screens, no product no bags, etc. Many functions can be modified from the touch screen. Then, our packaging machine can also work with a thermal transfer Printer. If you want to be fully automatic, we also have an auto pouch dispensing and an automatic palletizing machine to meet the needs of customers' automatic production lines because we are also the packing equipment suppliers. If the product packaged by the customer is special, we have its R&D department that can tailor an exclusive machine for the customer to use. We have many different sorts of machines, for example, horizontal packaging machinery, top seal packaging machine and vertical packaging machine can meet customer’s need.

During the production procedure, we explain the production process and record with the customer one by one according to the progress, and also ask the customer to prepare the actual product to be packaged for us to test the machine to ensure that the machine can be used after delivering to abroad. At the same time, . Tai Dragon Packaging machinery suppliers will make all preparations to maintain our consistent high quality in exchange for the highest customer satisfaction.

After the machine is delivered, the customer has no problems using it. We have won the trust of customers once again. Thank our client for allowing us to provide the best service and high-quality packaging machines.