Leading Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer : Tai Dragon

Tai Dragon Machinery flow wrapping machine manufacturer is based in Taichung City, Taiwan. We design, build, and market around 30 models of horizontal flow wrappers together with various flow wrapping machines and the ancillary equipment employed for custom-made installations. Depending on the type of item that is needed to be packaged, our flow wrappers can be applied to various packing sectors of the food industry including cookies, noodles, bakery goods, dumplings, and vegetables as well as non-food industries such as cutlery and stationery.

Tai Dragon packing machinery manufacturer has been producing widely-used flow wrapping machines since 1977. The flow wrapper we make provides smart workflows and eliminates redundant tasks allowing operators to save plenty of time. Moreover, our technical department is staffed by highly specialized engineers and designers whose reputation for innovation, customization skills, and machine performance. As long as there is a need to package products, Tai Dragon flow wrapping machine manufacturer is always there to be your best partner!

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