TD-v35L VFFS Packaging Machine for Liquid uses servo-driven film roll. Color touch screen operator interface, tracking automatically adjust depending on length of the bag packaging film printing position.

The Servo-driven film roll has the advantage of being able to precisely control the filling volume, reduce the weight of each package error.

The advantage of servo-driven film roll is that when the machine is working, the servo motor fixed film position that according as the bag film printing point, and ensure the bag in the correct position.
VFFS Packaging Machine for Liquid


● HCI Smart Control Panel

● Intermittent Sealing Structure

● Stainless steel Cover

● Servo-Driven Film Roll

● Collar Shape Bag former

● Photo Eye Auto Film Tracking

● 4 sets of temperature controller

● Parameter memory Storage

● Motor-driven in feed conveyor (Optional Device)

● Servo-Driven Dosing pump(Optional Device)

● Packaging Width Range (250mm~350mm)

This machine is suitable for food. Ex: Hot pot foods packaging、Konjak packaging、Marinated meat packaging


Please state the following packing requirements before asking

■ single package weight (g, kg)

■ Bag length and width (mm) 

■ Viscosity (Ex: ketchup, mayonnaise) 

■ Fluidity (Ex: water, oil, fructose) 

■ Packaging temperature 

■ Provide photos or samples for reference

Intermittent Sealing Structure

Collar Shape Bag Former

Side belt driven bag film


Wrapping Speed

5~25ppm (wrapping based on weight and film material)

Max. Width of Packing Material (mm)

730 mm

Width of the bag

250 ~ 350

Machine Dimensions


Control interface

Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

Servo- motor


Voltage (V)

200V 3 Phase

Frequency (HZ)


Electric Heater (KW)

220W*2 , 250W*2

Optional Device:

● Liquid Packaging


● Solid packaging


● Solid and liquid mixed packaging



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