Max. Product Size: L1000*W300*H100(mm)
Min. Product Size: L100*W75*H15(mm)
Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine


  • Ergonomic design, elegant and rational, simple yet sturdy construction.

  • Fix-Length, Variable Bag Length and Eye-mark tracing wrapping mode.

  • Compact design and easy cleaning, suitable for plant factory, Organic Vegetable producer and Fruits and Vegetable Farm.

  • High-Sensitive Sensor Package.

  • Max. Wrapping Height is 120mm.

  • All surfaces in contact with product and machine cover are SUS#304 stainless steel.

  • Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Three sets of Servo Motor Driven, Cutting Knife, Film Roller and Conveyor.

  • Adjustable End-sealed cutting position. 

  • Film feed-in position is adjustable, ensure product is aligning to the printed position

  • Easy to operate, packing size can be modified at customers’ request.

  • Digital Counter for display total packed amount.

  • Sanitary Modular Design.

  • Automatic film Eye-Mark tracking system, reduce empty pack and film waste and enhance the packing efficiency. 

For packing the goods with varied length, i.e. the various of organic vegetable, leafy vegetables, rootstalk, fruit and banana etc.

TD-600ESCR Vegetable Auto-Packaging Machine is suitable for the compact packing of general leaf type vegetables and has a packing speed of over 35 bags per minute with excellent performance.

It allows for the placement of soft leaf type vegetables directly onto the flat film surface which then automatically forms the bag around the product eliminating the need for manual packing. Designed for use by vegetable distributors, farming co-operatives and market providers.

Options Available
  • Date Coder

  • Thermal Transfer Printer

  • Jet Printer

  • Auto-Labeling Machine

  • Nitrogen Filling Device

  • Needle Roller

  • Hole Puncher


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