TAI DRAGON MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in the year of 1977. As professional manufacturer we have dedicated to making diversity of auto-packaging equipment, supplying numerous demands to auto-packaging market. Our machine types are below: 

1. Horizontal Flow Pack Machines
2. Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines
3.  Box Auto-Sleeving machine
4.  Box Auto Filling and Sealing Machine
5.  Auto-Packaging lines


Our machines can reach completely range needs from retailer end-users to factory packaging lines design. With mass customization capability, Tai Dragon Machinery is not only able to meet each customer requirements but connecting clients from globe market.

The machines we make pursue 3H (High-quality, High-stability, and High-efficiency) as our main core. Company shows to steadily growing in domestic market that allow us stand strong among global market for decades and continuously rising selling numbers on export machines to various countries.

TAI DRAGON is known for its outstanding performance in Horizontal Packaging Machines industry. 

TAI DRAGON specializes in manufacturing Horizontal Packaging Machines and many more. 

Auto-packaging Machines made from Tai Dragon Machinery are widely used, including: 

Bakery goods、Fruit and Vegetables
Hardware Parts、Metal Parts
Parts from mobiles, scooters, and bikes
Plastic goods and Serviette
And any other special requirements. 

In recent years, Tai Dragon Machinery has been actively promoted through exhibition and internet marketing to different industries and areas.