We first time meet our client through the platform of Taiwantrade. They are the wholesalers vegetable supplier in Canada, specifically located in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary. Our client’s products come from local and domestic farms, as well as international suppliers from different countries. Their vision is to be a healthy difference in people's lives through food that is the basis for celebration and bonding, and a connection to each other's communities. We like their positive energy and their company stories so we try our best to provide the highest quality of vegetable automated packaging machines to them.

Tai dragon’s vegetable automated packaging machine is well known in Taiwan because of its flexibility of the machine and ease of operation. The top seal box motion automated packaging machine can perform the fix bag length, variable bag length, and eye-mark tracking packaging mode. Our machine is not easy to malfunction and it is very precise all the time. In addition, it does not need frequent maintenance if you operate normally.

After the previous discussion, our customer finally decided to buy a top seal box motion automated packaging machine for daily operation. In the following year, two more were bought after another. We assist them to maximize their productivity and improve their efficiency. More importantly, our packaging machine helps them keep the freshness of vegetable products to deliver to their customers and communities. Last year before covid-19, we even flighted to Canada to did the installation and education Training with the local team, we ensure they all knew how to operate safely and efficiently.

Thank you for trusting Tai dragon packing machine supplier and we are always committed to providing the best quality machine and service to our clients.

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