One day, our Malaysian parent brought this case to us, and this case was about the chain package with one of the local motorbike suppliers in northern Malaysia. Fortunately, because of our abundant experience in producing automated packaging machines, our initial communication with our customers was very smooth.

We suggested our customer use TD-200ECR with customized extended conveyors to operate their parts packaging. This machine is a box motion packaging machine with a robust end seal structure and four servo motors driven in in-feed, film pulling, cutting, and center seal individually, which can maximize productivity and improve efficiency. Besides, as the packing equipment suppliers, we also offer them a series of equipment to let them conveniently achieve their goal.

During the production time, because of our rapid response to customers, we made our customers even trust us more. When they have new ideas, we always cope with the right strategy. After several times of discussions and modifications, our customer came to monitor our operation and verified it before we handed it. Our customer was extremely satisfied and eventually keep a very long-term relationship with us.

There is another successful case with our foreign customer. We are the packing machinery manufacturer which sincerely treats all of our customers and simultaneously committed to providing the best quality automated packaging machines.

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