This was our first time shipping our Tai Dragon automatic packaging machine to Papua New Guinea. We first time met our client on a phone call because his friend in Taiwan introduced us to him. After getting in touch more, he decided to come to our automatic packaging machine factory to get more information.

While we have the face-to-face conversation, we realize that he cares a lot about his products so he is looking for the best automatic packaging machines in Taiwan, and certainly, we are one of the best. Therefore, he chose us as the packaging machinery suppliers in charge of their factory.

Our client’s factory is the top three factories in Papua New Guinea and our packaging machine is responsible for packaging instant noodles. Now he wants to be a full-automatic operation. We help him achieve this goal and we make their operation become more efficient and of good quality.

It is a very special opportunity for us and thank our customers from Papua New Guinea for believing in Tai dragon machinery and let us provide the best automatic packaging machine to them.

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