Features of Flow Wrapping Machine

Used to pack a wide range of products including confectionery bars, soaps, biscuits, cakes etc. The items are placed onto an infeed conveyor and then wrapped in either plain or printed film. There are a range of machines to suit from small to large packs. 

For soft products such as tissues or leafy vegetables there are top seal machines available where the product is first placed onto the flat film surface and then this is used to transport the product into the wrapping area rather than being pushed into it.



For any solid products ; such as bread, cookies, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, sausage, cheese, dried noodles(instant noodles),soap, products which is put in the bottles, tissue, wiping paper(toilet paper),medical instruments, auto-parts, Hardware parts, machinery parts, plastic injection etc. a3.jpg

Special Feature

Adjustable former (easy to adjust to required width & height).
Cut-off length/position is also adjustable; TD serial wrapping machine is specially designed in the way that it can be adjusted during the operation without having to stop the machine.
This machine can handle little soft & sticky products, due to the special conveying systems.
The end sealer is always at the up-right position, when ever its stop.
High accuracy photo sensing system. This is to ensure correct cut-off at photo-mark position even the machine is running at high speed.
Conveyor switch is independent, it can control separately from the master switch, and this is to ensure heaters will not off at the same time when the conveyor switch is off.
TD serial wrapping machine come with individual heaters temperature control meters, this is to ensure that the accuracy of the temperature control.
Transfer brushes (hold products in position as well as to reduce excess air remain in the bags).
Conveyor can be customer-made to specifications.
The main transmitting system are all adopted spiral bevel gear for shifting which can be not only prolonged the servicing live but advanced the accuracy of photo-eye detecting device.

Connected parts with product made by stainless steel.