Horizontal Auto-Packaging Machine (Allow Data Storage)


  • Ergonomic design and reliability, with easy cleaning and operation.
  • Compact design, easy cleaning
  • Individual center-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller.
  • Drive motors are connected directly to the various assemblies.
  • Packing speed can be adjusted by users.

  • Packing size can be flexibly adjusted, suitable for variety of product.
  • Individual cutting position adjustment.
  • Touch screen operation interface
  • Main body covered with stainless steel SUS#304
  • Stainless steel SUS#304

  • Automatic Eye-Mark tracking system.
  • With no film no pack function.
Capable of wrapping endless different products in the food sectors.
Ideal for products such as Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Nougat other solid products.

Options Available

  • Extra Jaws
  • No Product No Bag
  • Nitrogen Filling Device
  • Auto-Feeding System
  • Auto-Labeling Machine

  • Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Jet Printer
  • In-Feed Conveyor Extended (8/10 feet)
  • Discharge Conveyor Extended