Max. Product Size: L400*W300*H120(mm)
Min. Product Size: L150*W100*H15(mm)
Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine


  • 100 Parameter memory storage, input/save/modify
  • Users can easily see the parameter, error message, counter from touch screen
  • Box-Motion Cutting Structure. Max .Wrapping Height is 120mm.
  • The height of the seal can be adjusted according to the product height.

  • Bag length display function
  • All surfaces in contact with product are stainless steel SUS#304.
  • Individual Center-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller.
  • Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Individual end-sealed cutting position adjustment.

  • Electronic counter shows the number of packages.
  • With no film no pack function.
  • Automatic Eye-Mark tracking system.
  • Suitable for packaging products that require gusset packaging function
  • Suitable for gusseted bag
Capable of wrapping endless different products in the food sectors.
Ideal for products such as Bread, Instant Noodles, Hot Dogs, Bride Cake, Napkin and other hardware products.

Options Available
  • Date Coder

  • Thermal Transfer Printer

  • Jet Printer

  • Auto-Labeling Machine

  • Nitrogen Filling Device

  • Needle Roller

  • No Product No Bag

  • Hole Puncher

  • Auto-Feeding System


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