TD-B220 Box Auto Filling and Sealing Machine is to carry out all types of carton sealing adhesive.

This machine uses integrated technology with stable performance, simple operation and automatization.

Suitable for unitary shape automatic packaging.

This machine completes product insertion, production batch & expiry date coding in one run. Also equipped are malfunction warnings for fail safe packaging processes.

It adopts speed controlling and automatic controlling system integrating photocells and pneumatic devices.

TD-B220 is user-friendliness, featuring fast speed and cost efficiency.
Box Auto Filling and Sealing Machine


Packing objects into the conveyor belt with a flat type

Can automatically open the box, filling, push the box, paste,lift the box, push the box out.

■ The hot melt particles are melted with a heating trough.

Apply hot melt adhesive to the carton with a knife

■ 2 sets of PID temperature controller

■ The heating temperature limiting protection to prevent overheating

■ Can be installed ribbon printer and inkjet printer

■ German vacuum pump system

■ Japanese vacuum cupule

■ Cylinder control ,Easy to maintain

■ Attached to the full-cover aluminum squeeze-type security doors to protect the worker

■ Can be set to automatically open and close the heating tank every day, reducing waiting for warm-up time


Before asking, please describe the following packaging requirements:

■ Carton length, width, height (mm)

■ Content length, width, height (mm)

■ product photo

Capable of various products in carton packing.

Ideal for products such as Tissue Papers, Cookies, Hardware pats and stationary etc.


Options Available

  • Jet Printer


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